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Please take a look at my site and share it on Facebook!  :heart:
  • Listening to: Birds
  • Reading: dA
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Hey Guys!

Like us on Facebook and win an Artist Feature on DeviantArt!

Here's the Link you have to like:…

Best greets from Austria
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We have a new artist feature online: Please read/comment/share it:…

Thank you all :hug:
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Hey dA! Long time no see ;) :D

We are looking for new artists to feature on our website ( If you are interested to get featured (including a short written interview), write me a private message.


Best regards, Mike
  • Listening to: David Guetta
  • Reading: Php
  • Watching: The stars
  • Playing: Angrybirds
  • Eating: Semmerl
  • Drinking: Water
Damnit ... i dont know ....
  • Listening to: Idiots...
  • Reading: Contracts...
  • Watching: Idiots...
  • Playing: a role I dont want to be
  • Eating: Mc Donalds ...
  • Drinking: Water
I have founded a new company called

We'll sell your Art for a good commission of 30 percent (conventional agencys: 20-25 percent)

Who's interested to participate?

Project is going online in may...

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  • Reading: Mind
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... i'm bored ... what's up world? ...

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  • Reading: dA
  • Watching: Sunshine
Hey guys!

I have a new business website: - please check it out and give me feedback! I need your ideas!

Thank you so much. I'd like to feature some artists on my website - if you are interested, apply here :)
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  • Watching: cloudscape :(
I'm member of:
#GetWatchers help artists to share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.

Cool stuff XD
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  • Watching: you?
  • Eating: Breakfast! Yay
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i love this video :)…
  • Listening to: Coldplay
  • Reading: Some nerdy photography books
  • Watching: Klitschko Fight
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Beer
Ladys, Sirs - and those who doesnt know.

I have to advertise a bit:

If you need good stock photos for your website, blog, tumblr, presentation and so on - check out this… . The sign up needs just 1-2 minutes.

iStockphoto has high quality images for cheap prices.

If you want to sell your own stock, try this…

Thanks for your attention - love ya all. :hug:

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  • Watching: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Cinema
  • Playing: not playing?
  • Eating: Soletti
  • Drinking: Water
Again, yep. Coming back soon. Regards, Mike.
  • Drinking: Water
I've checked my inbox and i nearly got a massive heart attack.  1700 messages??? Birdy has been featured as a DailyDeviation .. thats just ... WOW!

I just want to thank BertieBert ( ) for her idea, i never thought that it would be really accepted :rofl: :D :D

And also thanks to Trevg ( ) who has accepted Birdy as a DD :hug:

.. The first step is accomplished - Birdy has 3000 followers now, but it's NOT enough for his takeover mission. Lets share him!

Meet Birdy by kauf-mich

// edit

i have 3500 unread messages now and 10.000 new views.. thats impossible...
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  • Eating: McD
  • Drinking: Water
Wow, what a great morning! i woke up, went to the window ... and what did i c ? the first  S..N..O..W !!! :eyepopping: :eyepopping: :eyepopping: YAY!

I have to make pictures now, otherwise my head explodes of happiness. :phew:
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  • Reading: Scott Kelby
  • Watching: ;)
  • Playing: ;)
  • Eating: Breakfast! Yay
  • Drinking: Water
Does this picture really look that good? -> The Fabulous Tale of a Modern Autumn by kauf-mich i dont know...

In the first 48 hours, i got unbelieveable 800 (... listen that again -> EIGHTHUNDRED) views!! thats just WOW ! o_O

Anyway... thanks for faving this picture! :hug: It's a great honor to me... :)


BTW: i have enough of autumn pictures... cant wait for the winter! YAY!
  • Listening to: TV
  • Reading: ehm.. i read "Reading"
  • Watching: 8:44 ... ouh.. it's late...
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: scampi - again...
  • Drinking: nothing...

My first photography gallery finally got online, realized with Wordpress and the fabulous Viewport theme.

Watch it and leave a comment :heart: Ty

Here's the link :new: :new:
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  • Reading: Scott Kelby
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  • Playing: with my nikon
  • Eating: scampi *yumm*
  • Drinking: water
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: dA
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: Grillhenderl *yumm*
  • Drinking: Water
I'm full motivated to work hard on this sunny tuesday!

Time's coming to make a beautiful autumn picture :)

Someone got ideas?
  • Listening to: customers
  • Reading: microsoft sql database
  • Watching: *yuck* ..
  • Playing: nope
  • Eating: Haribo Gummibärchen <3
  • Drinking: Cold water
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  • Reading: Vöslauer Etikett ;)
  • Watching: Schlag den Raab Pro 7
  • Playing: Battlefield 2
  • Eating: Pizza Pie
  • Drinking: Vöslauer Balance